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Download Accelerator Plus


Download Accelerator Plus is a powerful speed booster, an advanced download manager, a must-have tool for Android devices. Facing difficulty downloading apps from http://streamingapps.xyz Blow away your worry now! Download with the fastest-ever speed of DAP!!!

Lucky Patcher


F**k Ads ( also many more mods/system tweeks )

AC Market


Modded app's installer, beat docsquiffys fake '' playstore '' and use a official original modders store! All apps in here are provided by TRUSTED modders and are ALWAYS up to date far faster than anywhere else, including us at streamingapps.xyz

Root Uninstaller Pro


Uninstall System And User Apps

One Click Apk Installer & Backup


One Click Apk Installer Features: Fast and easy to use,Background installation without user interaction, Background backup also now without user interaction, Background uninstallation also now without user interaction, Batch install and backup to internal storage or SD card by single click, Change the directory of apk files or load all apk files, Cancel the operation at any time now. Install and backup now whenever you want, Notification on status of installation progress.

Nova Launcher Prime


The highly customizable, performance driven, home screen Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the top launcher for modern Android, embracing full Material Design throughout Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icons, layouts, animations and more..

Hotspot Sheild Elite


Hotspot Shield VPN is a tool that will protect your Internet browsing by making you completely anonymous to those websites that try to detect your IP address. Basically, Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your Android device and your Internet provider. It's thanks to the VPN that you will be protected against snoopers, hackers, ISPs, and any suspicious activity that goes against your privacy and security. And, it's also useful for accessing those sites that normally have region-blocked content. The program doesn't need any complicated configuration, nor does it have dozens of options to trip you up. Just run it, it will alert you that your connection is protected, and you're good to go. It's as easy as it is effective. Hotspot Shield VPN is a useful tool for users that like to keep their browsing private, or that want to access websites that are normally geographically restricted.

Kill Apps Pro


KillApps lets you close all running apps at once by a simple touch! it saves power and improves performance, Your Device keeps many apps running in the background which is consuming your system resources and as a result reducing the available memory.



Ad blocker you can trust You should be careful when using any apps that filter your traffic, since they can steal your sensitive information. Blokada is open source, which means anyone can see its source code to be certain that its safe to use. Put your trust in a thriving community that believes ad-free world is better! You are in control While Blokada can be used without spending a second on configuration, you can still adjust it to your needs. You decide what should and should not be blocked, and the filters you add will be automatically kept up to date. Protect your privacy Just turn on Blokada and it'll show you how the big corporations are tracking your every move. You'll be shocked! Blokada prevents tracking requests to be sent and keeps you anonymous.

Cetus Remote Adfree


What's CetusPlay? A a multi-function remote control app for Android TV box/Fire TV/Android TV, also have the function as Mouse Toggle Multiple navigation modes, including Direction-Pad, Touch Pad, Keyboard mode and Mouse mode Cast your local files(photo, videos, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, etc.) from your phone to TV Live Channels features (add local M3U file and cast to TV/Box/Stick) Quick launch TV apps through one click on your phone Clean cache and trash to speed up your TV just one click on the accelerating ball; Share screen capture when you watch to social media Help you get rid of the paid Mouse Toggle

IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer


IP Tools is a powerful network toolkit for speed up and setup networks. It allows quick detecting any computer network problems ip address detection and boosting network performance. This is a must-have app for IT specialists and network administrators.

Rotation Control


You can control screen orientation from notification area easily.You also can prevent the other application from changing screen orientation. The following rotation modes are available. Depending on the device, you may not be able to use several modes If "Guard" mode is active, you cannot click "install" button when you want to install an application. When you want to install an application, you should disable "Guard" mode or this application.

Mouse Toggle


Add a mouse mode to your stock Amazon Fire TV remote control. Features: Works just like a regular mouse that can click, long click, wheel up, wheel down, and drag. Requirements: 1.) Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. 2.) Stock / original remote control. Please note that the main menu does NOT support a mouse and the app you are running must have mouse support.

Button Mapper Pro


With the Button Mapper app you can customize the buttons of your Android according to your needs! For example, you can open your favorite app by pressing the start button, or you can go from one app to the next by pressing the back button twice. You can remap your KD button to any application The possibilities are endless! 

Antutu Benchmark Utility


Antutu 3DBench v7 includes three test scenes the OpenGL3.0-based Marooned the OpenGL3.1-based Coastline and the OpenGL3.1+AEP-based Refinery which measures the performance limits of mobile devices. The benchmark automatically detects the API level supported by your device and runs the relevant 3D tests. The benchmark results of the 3D tests in Antutu 3DBench v7 are based on Offscreen performance which can more fairly reflect real-world gaming performance of mobile devices.